Anycubic UV Resin 0.5KG

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Anycubic UV Rsin 0.5 KG

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Anycubic standard resin 0.5Kg

Product Description

Parameter information:

  • Main material: resin monomer and photo initiator
  • Exposure parameters: Exposure time less than 20-60s, normal exposure time 5-15s


  • Storage method:
  1. Move away from the sun and store at indoor temperature. (Sun contains so much UV light, it will solidify the photosensitive resin. After the test, light other than UV is not impaired).
  2. It is advisable to store at room temperature of 15°C-35°C, the lower the temperature, the high the viscosity of the resin will be. Hermetic storage, excessive dust or moisture can compromise print quality. Sun contains so much UV light, it will solidify the photosensitive resin.
  • Use:
  1. Swing well before use, inhibit the use of resin where there is plenty of sun.
  2. Wear gloves before use to avoid direct skin contact and keep the room ventilated.
  3. Involuntary contact, rinse as much as possible. If you feel discomfort, consult your doctor promptly.
  4. Printed models: Must use high-concentration alcohol to clean the print for about 30s (recommended concentration of 95% or more, high is, the better).
  5. Do not pour the resin to the resin or used in the tank. Do not even leave the resin in the tank for a long time without use, to avoid that the pollution of the resin compromises a future printing (long time = without having poured the resin into hermetic containers or sealed with plastic wrapping).
  6. Resin boasts a life of up to 18 months.


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