Anycubic water washable resin+ 1KG

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Anycubic water washable resin ,1Kg,No Alcohol Needed, User-Friendly

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Anycubic water washable resin ,1Kg

No Alcohol Needed, User-Friendly:

Easy to clean, rinse 3D prints with water instead of alcohol, so save your time and budgets; ANYCUBIC Wash and Cure machines are suggested to ensure better effect.

Low Viscosity, Fast Printing:

Low viscosity of the resin means it has great fluidity and requires shorter exposure time during printing process, which helps to improve printing speed.

Test Approval, No Cracks:

An upgraded formula to prevent models from cracking. Experimental results in Anycubic lab to prove that the performance of the 3d models printed with Anycubic Water-Wash Resin+ are stable, and can be placed for a long time without cracking.

Wide Compatibility:

Compatible with 365-405nm wide band, suitable for processing animation, cultural and creative hand-made models, detailed models and prototypes, etc.

Resin Parameters :

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