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BIGTREETECH KFB2.0 3D Printer controller board Ramps1.4/Mega2560 R3 a4988/DRV8825/TMC2100 Reprap Mendel Kossel

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  • The power buck chip using XL1509 chip, high efficiency, stability.

 short circuit protection, 150KHz fixed switching frequency 2A current input 12 ~ 40V input voltage.the maximum support only 12V.

  • USB serial chip using CH340T chip, the largest 2Mbps, communication Stable, to solve the streamlined version of the Windows driver can not be installed Problem, support for a full range of Windows, mac, liunx operating system.
  • The processor uses tamega2560 chip, 54 output to meet the various Output Interface.
  • Heatbed MOS tube with F8736 chip, the maximum 18A current.
  • tantalum capacitor filter acquisition temperature, anti-interference, more accurate.

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