Cable Drag Chain 10x15MM

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Cable Drag Chain 10x15MM

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Cable Drag Chain 10*15mm

This Cable Chain / Wire Carrier works great to keep all your cable neatly out of the way. These Cable Drag Chains can be shortened by unclipping the links or extended by joining the end pieces

A solidly constructed 1m cable drag chain with an internal cross section of 10x15mm. Individual sections of the chain can be eased apart and removed so that you can customise the length to your application. These chains are used to control the location of cables through a linear motion, preventing them from interfering with mechanical parts.

  • Model: HD0038-NO1015
  • Material: Black Nylon
  • Internal Size: 10×15 mm
  • External Size : 15×23 mm
  • Total Length: 1m / 39.4”
  • Includes 2 end pieces
  • Working Temperature: -40 to 125 Degrees Celsius

Package Includes:

  • 1x Cable Chain

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