CREALITY Flexible Original 3D Magnetic Printer Heated 310x310mm

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CREALITY Flexible Cmagnet Build Surface Original 3D Plate Magnetic Printer Heated 310x310mm Bed Parts for the CR-10/CR-10S

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CREALITY Original Flexible Cmagnet Magnetic Build Surface Plate 3D Printer 310D Heated Bed Parts 310x10mm for CR-10/CR-<>S


3D printer partial flexible platform 310x310mm for hotbeds.
Easy-to-remove 3D printing platform for PLA and PLA-based materials. To use it, simply attach the bottom plate to your build plate and start printing. Peel the top plate with finished prints, then detach the top plate from the prints.
This printing adhesive can increase the adhesion between the consumable and the heating plate during printing.
Durable construction allows multiple uses with the same or different filament material.
The single-sheet design installs faster and with fewer bubbles than tape or film.
Easy to use. Aim for the heated bed plate and then glue it.


Material: magnetic adhesive* Item size:310x310x3mm* Flexible filament: 50-70°C* Weight: 265g

* Applicable models: Creality CR Series 3D Printer

Packaging included:

1 * Magnetic Construction Surface Plate