Eryone PLA filament

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We're excited to present the 3D Universe Nylon filament! Eryone PLA filament, unlike typical nylon filaments, comes in a rainbow of colors.

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Eryone PLA filament

Feature Eryone PLA filament

  1. Nontoxic, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.
  2. Color that is intense, bright, and clear.
  3. The proportion of shrinkage is low, and the hair does not curl.
  4. Compatible with 99 percent of typical FDM 3D printers.


  1. 1.75mm Filament Diameter.
  2. Printing Temperature: 190°C-220°C.
  3. Heated Bed Temperature: 55-70°C.
  4. Tolerance: ±0.03mm.
  5. 30-100mm/s Printing Speed.

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