HC-SR501 Human Motion Sensor

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The HC-SR501 Human Motion Sensor is essentially a motion detector sensor that detects an item via infrared wavelengths.

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HC-SR501 Human Motion Sensor

The HC-SR501 Motion Sensor is essentially a motion detector sensor that detects an item via infrared wavelengths. It is an automatic control device with a high level of sensitivity and dependability. It's employed in auto-sensing control devices where motion detection is required. For security purposes, the HC-SR501 is employed in industrial projects and structures.

Specifications HC-SR501:

  1. Wide range on input voltage varying from 4. V to 12V (+5V recommended)
  2. The output voltage is High/Low (3.3V TTL)
  3. Can distinguish between object movement and human movement
  4. It has two operating modes – Repeatable(H) and Non- Repeatable(H)
  5. Cover distance of about 120° and 7 meters
  6. Low power consumption of 65mA
  7. Operating temperature from -20° to +80° Celsius

What is the best way to use a motion sensor?

The PIR sensor (Passive Infrared Sensor) is a type of passive infrared sensor. It's a low-cost sensor for detecting the presence of humans or animals. As indicated in the pin diagram above, this sensor has three output pins: Vcc, Output, and Ground. Because the output pin is 3.3V TTL logic, it can be used on any platform, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC, ARM, and 8051.

The module can be powered from 4.5V to 20V, however, most people use 5V. Allow the module to calibrate itself for a few minutes after it has been powered up; 2 minutes is a good starting point. The output on the output pin should then be observed. Before we look at the output, it's important to understand that this sensor has two working modes: repeatable (H) and non-repeatable (L). The default mode is repeatable.

The sensor's output can be changed by shorting any two pins on the module's left side, as shown below. Two orange-colored potentiometers are also visible, which can be used to adjust the sensitivity and time, as discussed further below.

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