IFUN Temporary Crown Resin (#3164) 0.5KG

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IFUN Temporary Crown Resin (#3164),A1 3D printing temporary crowns and bridges resin 0.5 KG

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IFUN Temporary Crown Resin (#3164)IVroy, 0.5Kg 

3D printing temporary crowns and bridges resin

Colours: A1

Wavelength: 405nm

  • Biocompatible
  • High hardness
  • High precision
  • preservative

High strength

Post-treatment process:

1. alcohol cleaning.

2. post-curing for 3 minutes.

3. de-supporting, grinding and polishing.

4. sterilization: soaking in alcohol for 10 minutes, and bonding the

temporary crown to the patient's teeth through temporary adhesive, 

and then the final restoration Protect the patient's teeth.

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