MKS TinyBee V1.0 + MINI12864 V3

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Original Makerbase TinyBee based on ESP32 module-supports MKS MINI12864

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MKS MINI12864 V3


Support Marlin2.0 and Klipper firmware

Support LCD online adjustment of the backlight

Support Gcode backlight settings, such as M150 R100 G100 U100

Support color change in different states during printing

Compatible with 3.3V and 5V logic signals at the same time

SPI communication to host micro-controller

Use self-imposed SD card socket

Has vertical and side SD slot version

MKS TinyBee V1.0

→MKS TinyBee is a mainboard for 3d printing, based on ESP32 module. Support Marlin2.0 firmware, in addition to ordinary LCD2004, 12864 screens, it also supports MKS MINI12864 V3, and MKS TFT serial screen, and MKS H43. The firmware can be updated via USB. Can be connected to WIFI, web page control printing.

  • MCU is ESP32-WROOM-32U, Flash: 8192K, RAM: 520K, the frequency is: 240MHz
  • Use power dc12~24V input
  • Support power reverse connection protection and power spike protection
  • Has 2 heater end+ 1 Heater BED, 3 NTC100K: TH1, TB, TH2(Need jumper selection)
  • 2 Channel and 2 power output xh2.54-2p interface
  • 5 axes 6 motor interface (Dual Z axis in parallel)
  • STEP/DIR mood and support external for high current drives.
  • Micro step settings use a DIP switch.
  • Has X, Y, Z, MT_DET detection interface?

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