Octopus V1.1 3D Printer MotherBoard 32bit

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BIGTREETECH Octopus V1.1 3D Printer MotherBoard 32bit TMC2209 Run Klipper CAN BUS Control Board VS Spider SKR2 For Voron Ender3

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 Octopus V1.1 3D Printer Motherboard 32bit 

·         Main Control Chip Uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 series STM32F446ZET6 main control chip with a core frequency of 180MHz.

·         Strong DIY SupportThis motherboard supports up to 8 stepper drivers with 9 stepper driver outputs in total; And up to 6 PWM fans and 2 always-on fans with the ability to individually select the voltage rail that will drive each fan. Select from Vin, 12V or 5V.

·         Realize Online PrintingInterfaces with a Raspberry Pi using emulated serial over USB or direct UART to any of the serial ports on the board, to realize Klipper Firmware and Raspberry Pi Online Printing.

·         Motherboard Expansion FunctionSupport BLTouch, locked-rotor detection, shutdown after printing, resume printing after power failure, CAN bus, U disk function, IIC expansion; at the same time reserved WIFI interface, PT100 thermistor interface (optional, Only reserved interfaces, customers need to purchase chip welding, please pay attention.), dual Z-axis printer.

·         Increase Protection FunctionUses high-performance MOSFETs to increase heating efficiency while also reducing heat generation on the motherboard. Supports print from SD card and print via USB OTG” using the integrated USB-A port.

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