Silicon Socks Cover for E3D V6 Extruder Hotend

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Silicon Socks Cover for E3D V6 Extruder Hotend

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Why choose 3D Printer Heater Block Silicone Socks Cover for E3D V6 Extruder Hotend ?

  • Very useful silicone socks: will keep your heater block clean and free from burnt and blackened plastic. They don't just keep the block clean, but also keep heat inside the hotend and off your print.
  • Made of a heat-resistant, non-stick silicone material our socks will repel build-up of molten plastic. This really helps with sticky materials like co-polyesters and filled-composite materials that like to build up on nozzles.
  • Helps to keep the hotend temperature extremely stable, particularly if you use high-airflow cooling around the nozzle to cool the print.
  • we suggest highest safe temperature resistance is about 230℃-250℃/ 446℉-482℉

Please Kindly Tips: the silicone socks just fit for 0.78"/20mm x 0.63"/ 16mm x 0.45"/ 11.5mm heater block, some printer's hotend is MK7,MK8 or MK9 heater block, if you can not confirm, measure your heater block first.