Magnetic Spring Steel Sticker for SLA Printer 202*128mm(Mono X Apply)

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  • 【High Durability】The resin steel plate adopts spring steel imported from USA, which has good flatness and durability; The soft magnetic stickers have strong magnetic force.
  • 【Strong Adhesion】The resin steel plate surface is treated with special wire drawing, and the adsorption force is stronger, so that the model can be better adsorbed.
  • 【Easy to Use】The traditional DLP light curing printer platform must be removed with tools such as a scraper, while this resin flexible plate can be removed by bending.It's easier to remove the print model from the resin build surface.
  • 【Easy to Remove】This SLA/DLP light-cured spring steel plate has an ergonomic handle design, so you can easily remove the steel plate from the platform.
  • 【Satisfy Your Needs】We provide a variety of size options, you can choose the most perfect resin magnetic flexible steel plate flex bed according to your needs, suitable for any resin 3D printer with any size of the printing platform.