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Elegoo Mercury Plus Wash and Cure System V2

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Elegoo Mercury Plus Wash and Cure System V2

Elegoo Mercury Plus Wash and Cure System V2 ,2 in 1 design makes washing and curing for 3D printed models realized in one machine. The operating process is now more efficiency with less effort to meet your different needs.

Washing with Printing Platfrom

If the printed model is not removed from the build platform, please mount the build platform to the adjustable platform bracket (The height of the platform bracket can be adjusted to fit the liquid level in the bucket, up to a maximum model height of 120 mm), then hang the adjustable platform bracket on top of the pillar to start the cleaning.

Washing with Bucket

If the printed model has been removed from the build platform already, you will need to place the model in the cleaning basket (maximum model height is 160 mm) and hang the cleaning basket on top of the pillar to start cleaning the model. Models larger than 15 mm in size are available with this cleaning option. Some small models can be cleaned together in the bucket.

Intelligent Curing Control

Place the curing turntable firmly against the turntable positioning hole and place the model on the center of it. Cover the anti-UV lid which can block 99.95% of ultraviolet rays to protect your vision. Operating with the sensitive touch button and 0.96 inch TFT LCD screen, you can easily set and monitor the time. The machine will beep when the curing is done.

The 360-degree rotating turntable work with UV light can make the models to be cured perfectly.

The height of the platform bracket can be adjusted to fit the liquid level in the bucket to make the models to be cleaned completely.

Powerful UV Light of the built-in 8pcs 385nm and 8pcs 405nm UV curing lamp beads to cure the model fast.

→Operation Instructions

After the model is printed, please clean and blow-dry the model before putting it into the machine.

If the model become yellow after curing, please reduce the curing time. Over curing will lead to a yellowish model.

Recommended ambient temperature is 0-40 degrees, and the ambient humidity temperature is 20%-50%.

Please do not use it for more than 40 minutes at a time to avoid overheating

Cure Time: If model diameter less than 30 mm, the curing time is recommended to be 2 minutes. If the surface structure of the model is complex, it is recommended to increase the curing time properly.

Special Notes: The washing function is not quite suitable for 3D models printed with water washable resin, which is better to be washed with running water.

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