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Elegoo Mercury X Bundle Washing and Curing

ELEGOO Mercury X Bundle with Separate Washing Station and Curing Station

for Large Resin 3D Prints, Compatible with Saturn, Mars MSLA 3D Printers


  1. Introducing ELEGOO Mercury X Bundle Washing and Curing machine

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10,000.00EGP 11,000.00EGP

Elegoo Mercury X Bundle Washing and Curing

Elegoo Mercury X

Elegoo Mercury X Bundle Washing and Curing

→360 degree three-dimensional curing

The 360° rotating turntable can solidify the model in all directions.

If the UV lamp bead in the L-shaped light bar solves the problem of curing at the top of the model, and at the same time increases the bottom light source design, the bottom curing has no dead corners, so that the entire model can be cured more thoroughly, and the maximum curing size can reach 200*260mm.

→Safer to use

elegoo safe use

The transparent cover can effectively block 99.9% of ultraviolet rays

→Humanized user settings

Humanized user settings

Operate the knob, press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on, the operation is simple and the interface is simple. The maximum adjustment is 30 minutes, and the cleaning and curing time can be adjusted according to your needs

Separate curing and cleaning

Separate curing and cleaning

With a double-connected adapter, when you are using CURE, you can also perform WASH work at the same time, saving your working time. MERCURY X WASH and MERCURY X CURE can work at the same time, one for cleaning and one for curing.

→Large Washing Size

♦Transparent Yellow Shade

Effective blocking 99.9% UV light. The maximum size of the supporting printer is 9.1 inches

♦Faye Mirror Design

The entire effective curing area, light power distribution more uniform.

♦ 360 ° Three-Dimensional Curing

Curing platform can be 360 ° automatic rotation, curing size φ200 * 260mm.

♦ Bottom Light Source Design

The bottom to increase the light source design

♦Sealed Water Tank & Large-Capacity Design

8000ML large-capacity design, using rubber sealing strips, safe and reliable.

♦Operation Knob

Long press 3 seconds to turn on the machine, integrated operation panel plus light with, simple operation.

♦Super Long Time Setting

Maximum adjustment of 30 minutes.

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