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TMC2209 V1.2


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TMC2209 V1.2

Trinamic’s TMC2209 V1.2 quiet stepper motor drivers are the latest iteration. They can give extraordinarily quiet stepper motor performance with noise levels below 10 dB using their trademarked StealtChop technology.

The TMC2209 drivers can automatically switch between Stealth Chop and Spread Cycle modes for a perfect balance of silent operation and maximum performance. This translates to a better overall 3D printing experience with reduced noise, more torque, and fewer skipped steps.
Legacy and Standalone modes are supported by TMC2209 drivers, however, the UART setup is highly recommended. It will make full use of serial connectivity, providing full diagnostics and firmware control over the stepper motors. This means that motor current and micro steps can be adjusted on the fly, and actual and interpolated micro steps can be combined to generate maximum torque.

256 micro-steps are possible with the Flexible micro-Plyer interpolation unit.

When the motor turns improperly, the Stallguard4TM locked-motor test can produce an aberrant signal.

CoolStepTM’s current dynamic control can help you save up to 75% on your energy bill.


  1. Driver Type: Stepper
  2. Max. Current per Channel: 2.5A
  3. Configuration: STEP/ DIR or UART
  4. Micro steps: Up to 1/256
  5. Micro Player: 1/256
  6. Logic Voltage VI0: 3.3-5V
  7. Motor Voltage: 5.5-28V
  8. Motor Phase Current: 2.0A RMS, 2.8A Peak
  9. 20x15x15mm (without heatsink)
  10. Extra function: Cool Step and stall Guard

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