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W1209 Digital LED


W1209 Digital LED

The W1209 Digital LED is a low-cost thermostat controller with a lot of features. You can intelligently manage power to most sorts of electrical equipment using this module (HCTHER0006) depending on the temperature read by the inbuilt high precision NTC temperature sensor. Despite the fact that this module contains an embedded microprocessor, no programming skills are necessary. Various characteristics, such as on and off trigger temperatures, can be configured using three tactile switches. The onboard relay is capable of switching up to 240V AC at 5A or 14V DC at 10A. A three-digit seven-segment display shows the current temperature in degrees Celsius, and an onboard LED shows the current relay state.


  1. Temperature Control Range: -50 ~ 110 C
  2. Resolution from -9.9 to 99.9: 0.1 C
  3. Resolution at all other temperatures: 1 C
  4. Measurement Accuracy: 0.1 C
  5. Control Accuracy: 0.1 C
  6. Refresh Rate: 0.5 Seconds
  7. Input Power (DC): 12V
  8. Measuring Inputs: NTC (10K 0.5%)
  9. Waterproof Sensor: 0.5M
  10. Output: 1 Channel Relay Output, Capacity: 10A
  11. Power Consumption
    Static Current: <=35mA
    Current: <=65mA
  12. Environmental Requirements
    Temperature: -10 ~ 60 C
    Humidity: 20-85%
  13. Dimensions
    48mm x 40mm x 14mm


This module uses onboard non-volatile memory to store changes made to its settings. Therefore, any changes made will be saved even if power is removed from the module.

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